Hailing from the Philippines, Manila based open format DJ Jojit Mangubat or familiarly known as DJ X Factor started his long musical journey as a radio and showcase dj. Striving for greatness, he competed and placed 1st Runner Up for DMC Philippines. He became a staple in the nightlife industry, and eventually was named Club DJ of the Year n 2012 by Urban Music Awards.
His resentment for mediocracy led to him to producing and remixing. He joined “”- a worldwide source for material made available to DJs, ultimately becoming Crack4DJs ranked #1 remixer of all time. Until today, X Factor’s remixes are making waves on the dance floor worldwide.
X Factor has played support for International Acts such as Laidback Luke, DVBBS, Vinai, Borgeous, Knife Party, EDX, Miss Nine, and many more!
You can see him perform at these places—Pangaea, Chaos, Imperial Ice Bar, Tipple and Saw, Tunnl, Skye, Raven, URBN.

  • Open Format

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August 23, 2016 - Sonic Feast Music Festival
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DJs: DJ nina


August 30, 2016 - ElektroMundo Sinulog

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DJs: X Factor, MC AOH, DJ Divine

September 12, 2016 - Bear Brand Event
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DJs: DJ Issa Ramos